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Chime is committed to a society with no limits or barriers for anyone living with deafness or hearing loss in Ireland. We work towards achieving this vision by seeking changes in legislation, policy, practice and resource provision to address inequality, exclusion and injustice.

Our advocacy efforts includes working with and on behalf of people who are Deaf or hard of hearing through personal advocacy and representative advocacy.

Personal Advocacy

If you are experiencing barriers in accessing services, rights or entitlements, we will work with you to break down these barriers so you can live your life with the same choices and opportunities as other citizens.

Common issues include access to education, health, employment, training, technology and sign language interpretation. 

Contact your nearest Chime centre if you are experiencing difficulties in accessing your rights and entitlements.

Representative Advocacy

Our Representative Advocacy focusses on developing supportive communities and an accessible society for all. We work to create awareness of hearing loss across all sections of society, as hearing loss is very common and impacts on all aspects of life.

Important areas include:

  • Improvements in TV subtitling and ISL presented programmes;
  • Greater access to cinema and theatres through subtitles and captioned performances;
  • Better access to education and education supports from pre-schools right through to third level education;
  • Earlier and more affordable access to hearing aids. Only one in seven workers with hearing loss have hearing aids, compared to one in three medical card holders.
  • Fully accessible residential supports for Deaf people who need them in line with the recommendations of the HSE Working Group Report (2015).

We also work to increase awareness of deafness and hearing loss among the wider public and among key groups like health professionals and employers. People with hearing loss are much more likely to experience medical errors in health settings, while one in four retire from work early due to communication difficulties in the workplace.


Research forms an increasingly important role in our advocacy programme, as research can provide important evidence to shape future priorities and policy.

Recent publications/research supported by Chime includes:

A systematic review and meta analysis exploring the association between age-related hearing loss and cognitive function, cognitive impairment and dementia (JAMA Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery, 2017), completed by David Loughrey, PhD, Global Brain Health Institute  and Chime Research Partner, and research colleagues.

Research investigating the literacy attainment of children with hearing loss completed by Dr Elizabeth S. Mathews & Dr Margaret O’Donnell: Reading and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Pupils in Mainstream Education (2018).

For further information on our advocacy programme, contact:Brendan Lennon, Chime Head of Advocacy, 35 North Frederick Street, Dublin 1

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