Chime Charter

We can probably all remember the last time we had an eye test, or even when our blood pressure was taken – but when if ever was your last hearing test? 

The Chime Charter aims to position hearing health and wellbeing as a corporate health priority in Ireland.  We will do this by establishing a network of caring companies who are committed to positive hearing health for their employees and their employee’s families. The majority of people assume hearing loss is an inevitable part of the natural aging process and nothing can be done about it.

What people don’t realise is that we can help resolve the problem easily and quickly. Our goal is to bridge the gap between hearing loss and quality of life and we need your support to do this.

How will it add value to my company?

The Chime Charter- is a health and wellbeing service which provides:

  • On-site audiology screenings,
  • Advice and Information,
  • Hearing loss, Tinnitus and Meniere disease information packs,
  • Access to a hearing loss Information Line, and
  • Financial support information for companies who employ talent with a disability.  

Companies will benefit from Chime’s support as their dedicated Hearing Health partner.  This means employees and their families can tap into the expertise and support of social workers, hearing therapists and audiologists across Ireland.   Adding impact to value, income generated through the Charter will be ring fenced to support the delivery of Deaf and Hard of Hearing services for children and families, teenagers, people with acquired hearing loss and all members of the Deaf Community. 

To find out more or to join the Charter today, please contact our Fundraising Manager, Amie Hynes Fitzpatrick, email or call (01) 817 5700.

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