Are you Deaf and would like to become a school teacher?

For the first time in the history of Third Level Education in Ireland there will be a teacher-training course available specifically to Deaf students. This course will enable a small number of Deaf students to train as teachers through Irish Sign Language (ISL)! The 4-year Bachelor of Education ISL course is due to begin in September 2019. The course will not be run in subsequent years, so there is only one chance to get on the course, and the deadline for applications is very soon!

The course has been approved by the Teaching Council of Ireland, and has come about through a lot of hard work, particularly by Dr Elizabeth Mathews. The course will be will be run in St Patrick’s College, Dublin City University, and the deadline for applications through the CAO is Feb 1st.

It has long been argued that having Deaf teachers teaching Deaf pupils is an important aspect of a quality deaf education service. Until now, it has been virtually impossible for a Deaf person to train as a teacher due to the entry requirements for the Irish language, which most Deaf students do not have. So this is a fantastic opportunity for a small number of Deaf students and an important step forward in Deaf education in Ireland.

Further details on the course, entry requirements and how to apply are available here:

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