Chime Profile…Meet Amie Hynes Fitzpatrick

Amie Hynes Fitzpatrick is a Fundraising professional and keynote speaker, with expertise in business development, communications and inclusive business. As an advocate for change, she believes that every single person has an incredible opportunity to make a more inclusive and accessible country for people with disabilities. 

Born legally blind, she has always pursued activities to challenge stereotypes of inability throughout her life. A 2007 Millennium Scholar, 2013 Wave Changer, Young Global Advocate with IDEA and Kanchi Alum, Amie has been advocating for the rights and opportunities for people with disabilities for over a decade.

Graduating from University of Limerick, she commenced working with  Kanchi, a multi-award winning social enterprise working with decision makers and business leaders to change mindsets and behaviours; where she worked on international business awards programme, the Ability Awards, and the Kanchi Network, in her role as Communications Officer.

She worked in Trinity University College, Dublin as part of the Career Pathways project and developed a training programme to support students with disabilities transitioning from education to employment. 

Amie is also a co-author of the publication, “Inclusive Approach’s: Working with Students with Disabilities”.  She has written for publications, ‘Irish Country Living’ and ‘Kiss’, and interviewed on RTE’s ‘The Today Show’, TV3’s ‘Morning Show’ and TG4’s ‘Duiche’. Her personal story is featured in Con Dennehy’s ‘Kerry Bravehearts’.

From November 2015, Amie drove Corporate Engagement as part of NCBI’s fundraising activities, winning their first corporate partnerships and sponsorships. She created and developed renowned fundraising event, ‘Dine in the Dark for NCBI’.

Amie joined Chime The National Charity for Deafness and Hearing Loss in June 2018 as Fundraising Manager; responsible for generating the income needed to develop and sustain Chime’s Children  and Family Services and Transitioning School Leavers programme. She is committed to positioning hearing loss as a corporate health priority across Ireland.

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