Chime shocked by new audiology failings.

Chime was shocked to learn of new failings in paediatric audiology services in the West affecting almost 60 children and families. These new revelations were reported by RTE on Feb 20th, and come in the wake of an earlier review conducted in 2018.

In June 2018 RTE Investigates reported that a review by the HSE of paediatric audiology services in Mayo and Roscommon from 2011 to 2015 found that there were issues with ‘some aspects of the quality of the service provided”. In a review of over 900 cases, 49 children were adversely affected. 13 had been discharged from the service, but when they were re-referred they were found to have additional hearing loss. Another 20 children were still in the service but had suffered additional hearing loss, while a further 16 children who had been fitted with hearing aids had received care that did not comply with national standards.

However, the additional failings reported by RTE this week have come as a further shock. It has emerged that the initial review in 2018 failed to identify all of the children at risk. In December 2018 the HSE recalled a further 57 cases who had been discharged without a follow-up treatment or management plan. Some of these cases have involved children and young people who have had unidentified hearing loss for years during childhood, with adverse affects on their social and educational development.

In the Dáil the Taoiseach stated that the Government will consider establishing an independent inquiry to investigate the matter.

If you are affected in anyway by these issues please feel free to contact our Information and Support Line at 1800 256 257 or email

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