Ireland’s First Information Line for Hearing Loss

Chime Information Line

Chime has recently launched Ireland’s first information line dedicated to issues about hearing loss. So if you have a question about hearing loss,

Did you know that hearing loss is very common, especially later in life? In fact 300,000 Irish adults have a moderate or greater hearing loss but only one fifth have got the hearing aids or assistive technology they need. 80,000 of these people are of working age.

Chime want to change this!

If you or a family member or colleague thinks they may have a hearing loss and have not taken any steps to check this out, we want to support you to take action!

Just contact our Information Line and find out what you can do!

Call 1800 256 257 or email

Some facts about hearing loss:

More than 80% of people who get hearing aids say they have improved their social relationships and quality of life.

People living with untreated hearing loss experience more stress and anxiety, including increased risk of social isolation and depression.

Living or working with a person who has a hearing loss is also not fun! Our focus group feedback found that friends and colleagues can be annoyed and frustrated: ‘repeating all the time’ ‘you end up shouting…the entire communication just becomes so stressful’ ‘it can change a relationship’.  

If you have a hearing loss, getting the right technology can change your life! Don’t delay- act right away! Just call our Information Line for friendly advice and information on what you can do!

Call 1800 256 257 or email

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