Media Covers Rebrand and Information Line Launch

Time certainly flies. It’s been seven weeks since our official media launch announcing Chime as the new brand name for The National Charity for Deafness and Hearing Loss.

Lending her support on the day was actor and comedian, Deirdre O’Kane, who met with Chief Executive Officer for Chime, Mark Byrne and Head of Advocacy, Brendan Lennon to find out about the rebrand and our newly-launched information line – Ireland’s first dedicated resource for information on deafness and hearing loss.

She said, “I'm all about communication. It's inbuilt into everything I do - on stage, in stand-up, as an actor or while presenting TV. I can't imagine the impact of losing any proportion of my hearing on my work and on life. And yet, so many of us do experience just that. In fact, more than 30% of people aged 60 and over in Ireland have significant hearing loss and it has profound implications for their day to day lives. And the thing is we can actually do something about it; which is why I'm fully behind Chime.”

Also lending her support on the day was Lexie Noone, aged five, who happily chatted with Deirdre about Chime, and her experiences with the team, and who is featured in our new window display posters around the country; along with her brother, Mason, and their parents, on our Chime website.

The Irish Times (both online and print), The Irish Examiner, The Kerryman and the Donegal Post all shared our news, as well as radio stations West Limerick FM, Youghal FM, Phoenix FM and Near FM.

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