Non-Profits Coming Together To Facilitate Positive Change

It’s not every day that two non-profit organisations collaborate and come together to help each other. Yet that’s exactly what happened when Chime Fundraising Manager, Amie Hynes-Fitzpatrick, reached out to fellow Kerry woman, Caroline O’Sullivan, Director of Services for the ISPCC.

When Chime launched its Information Line – Ireland’s only dedicated advice resource for hearing loss and deafness – Amie recognised an opportunity to build strategic partnerships with other national charities.

“When you think of a telephone support service, you automatically think of ISPCC and Childline in particular. I reached out to Caroline to ask her advice on where to go for telephone training.”

“At the time, I was not aware that ISPCC have a training offering for private companies and non-profits.  Caroline, kindly put us in touch with Margie Roe, who heads up Childline and the ISPCC’s training arm.”

The ISPCC, offered to deliver telephone training, free of charge. In return, Chime are giving ISPCC a one year membership to our soon to be launched, corporate hearing health network The Chime Charter. Additionally, Chime will facilitate an on-site Audiology Day in ISPCC where their staff and volunteers can avail of our expert advice, information and audiology services.  

“As a member of the Chime Charter, ISPCC can look to us and our incredible staff as a dedicated Hearing Health Partner”, said Amie.

Hearing and Communication Therapist, Cathy O’Riordan was one of eight team members from Chime who attended the training day.

“We were made feel so welcome by the ISPCC team and the training was delivered in a fun and supportive environment. Joan, our trainer, was so knowledgeable and she had a really lovely way of presenting, really easy to listen to.”

“As well as developing key skills specific to information and advice lines, it was a great team building day too! I really got a lot from the day, everyone enjoyed it.”

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