World Hearing Day 2019

World Hearing Day – organised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) – is held on the 3rd March every year to highlight the various issues surrounding hearing loss worldwide. This year’s theme is “Check your Hearing.” WHO is particularly concerned about the high levels of untreated hearing loss in the community and the significant health burden this creates for society and the individuals affected.

In Ireland alone, over 300,000 Irish adults have a moderate or greater hearing loss, yet only one in five of these have ever sought treatment. Almost 250,000 Irish people have untreated hearing loss which is strongly associated with increased rates of depression, cognitive decline and loneliness.

New Hearing Screen App

To help people check their own hearing in the comfort of their homes the WHO has developed a free mobile and web-based software application for hearing screening. The app – called hearWHO - is now available for download for all Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Chime - the national charity for deafness and hearing loss in Ireland - is promoting the new app during the week commencing on Sunday 3rd March. Chime believes that the new app can be an initial stepping stone for people who have developed hearing loss to take positive action to address it.

Brendan Lennon, Chime’s Head of Advocacy said “The new app is very welcome. It makes it easy for anyone concerned about their hearing to take that initial step to check their hearing  – and help encourage those who need support for their hearing loss to take the next step and go for a full hearing assessment.”

Hearing Loss Information Line

  • Anyone seeking more information or who would like to see the app in use is invited to visit any of the Chime Resource Centres nationwide or call the Hearing Loss Information Line at 1800 256 257 or email
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