World Hearing Day March 3rd 2019

‘Check Your Hearing’ was the theme for World Hearing Day 2019. To mark the day the World Health Organisation launched a new hearing screening app hearWHO, which is free and can be downloaded to any smartphone. RTE covered an event in Chime to mark the launch of the app.

Brendan Lennon, Chime’s Head of Advocacy says that the app will be really useful in raising awareness of hearing loss. ‘We have a high level of untreated hearing loss in Ireland, which affects people’s quality of life, health and wellbeing.’

Approximately 300,000 Irish adults have significant hearing loss, but TILDA, the Irish Longtitudinal Study on Ageing, found that only one in five have hearing aids. Lennon says that we have a very high level of untreated hearing loss in Ireland, and alarmingly, we prescribe hearing aids at less than half the rate of the UK.  

Speaking on RTE about the impact of untreated hearing loss on the brain, Professor Brian Lawlor of the Global Brain Health Institute said ‘if you are not connected and engaged, you are not using the neuro networks in your brain that are important in terms of maintaining your brain health.’  

You can watch the full RTE news report here

If you have any questions or concerns about hearing loss, you can contact the Chime Information Line at 1800 256 257 or email 

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