Cochlear Implant Services

Each of our Resource Centres has a trained representative who is available to meet with you and answer any questions you might have about Cochlear implants (CI). Lots of our team wear CI and can provide you with the facts you need, as well as shared personal experiences.

We host regular social groups across the country. If you have a Cochlear implant and are happy to share your story, or if you or a loved one are considering getting Cochlear implant, our social groups are for you. You’ll find out all the facts, practical advice, tips on adjusting to your new CI, guidance on the different programmes available to you, the latest advancements in technology, and much more.

Chime in and discover Cochlear Implant Social Groups near you! Visit our Events page for more details.

From time to time, we facilitate national conferences. In the past, our conferences have attracted strong attendance nationwide - advance bookings are always advised. At Chime CI conferences, you can expect panel discussions and presentations from professionals across Ireland and overseas; the latest news and developments in CI technology; exhibition stands from the world’s leading CI manufacturers; experts from the HSE and Beaumont Hospital, CI accessories for sale; Chime’s LifeTech, and a sense of community.

CI batteries are available to purchase in all our resource centres, and through our online shop. 

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