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Ménière’s disease (MD) is a disease of the inner ear. The inner ear is composed of the organ of balance (semi- circular canals) and the organ of hearing (the cochlea). Ménière’s disease is a long-term, progressive disease which damages both the balance and hearing parts of the inner ear. The main symptoms of the disease are vertigo, tinnitus and hearing loss. 
Its incidence is between 1 per 2,000 and 1 per 20,000 of the population. It affects both sexes equally. It can occur at all ages, and most frequently starts between the ages of 20 and 50 years. About 7-10% of people with MD have a family history of the disease. 
Initially, the disease usually affects one ear, but both ears are affected in 15% of people at the onset of the symptoms. As the disease progresses, up to 50% of people will develop the disease in both ears. 

Most people with Ménière’s disease cope well with their symptoms and the problems it produces. Understanding the disease and discussing treatment options with your doctor is valuable. Counselling, relaxation and stress management play an important part in maintaining a good quality of life. 

For more information, you can contact Ménière’s Support Group (Ireland)  menieresdublin@gmail.com or call 087 139 9946. Find out when the next support group is happening here. 

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