We provide a specialist technology service across Ireland for schools, colleges, universities and education providers. Our EduTech service aims to ensure students with hearing loss have access to the best available assistive technology in the classroom. This technology includes Personal Communication Systems and Soundfield Systems.

Our service works closely with the Department of Education and Skills, the Visiting Teacher Service and the HSE in the supply and service of assistive technology to students with hearing loss in Ireland.

Even children with mild hearing losses are significantly at risk academically in the classroom (HSE National Audiology Review, 2011). Classrooms tend to be noisy places with a lot of background noise, affecting the signal to noise ratio. Even children with normal hearing are adversely affected!

Assistive technology for the classroom is designed to improve the signal to noise ratio, or in other words, to improve the quality of the teacher’s voice over and above that of the surrounding background noise. Personal Communication Systems are most suitable for children with severe to profound hearing losses. For children with mild or unilateral hearing losses, Soundfield Systems may be most suitable, and they also have benefits for other students and the classroom teacher.

Click here to watch a video explaining the role of EduTech in the class room or lecture hall, and its importance in helping your child reach their full potential. 

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