Chime is funded through a number or sources. Our largest funding comes from the HSE, followed by income from our own Social Enterprises. We also receive funding from other grants from various government departments and agencies.



At Chime, our commitment to making a difference in the lives of Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals is powered by a diverse funding approach. While a significant 75% of our funding stems from the Health Service Executive (HSE), the remaining support is sourced from grants, government departments, and our social enterprise endeavours. Notably, all proceeds from our tech products is used exclusively to fuel our vital services. A mere 0.3% of our funding comes from your generous donations, emphasizing the importance of every contribution in ensuring the success of our mission.

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Government funding

We work closely with Government Departments and public agencies to promote the funding and development of Chime services. We also advocate for policy change, and the improvement of services and access generally, for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. 

These include the Department of HealthHSEDepartment of Social ProtectionPobalDepartment of Education and the NCSE amongst others. 



Chime was also successful in a number of grant applications during 2022 including €10,000 from Community Foundation for Ireland to raise awareness of deafness and hearing loss in our schools and a total of €5,725 for learner equipment and social activities from Galway and Roscommon and Mayo, Sligo and Leitrim Education and Training Boards.



Chime also receives many thoughtful donations through various fundraising activities. Every euro donated goes straight into services, making the biggest difference for our clients. Your generosity helps us create a meaningful impact!


Reserve policy

The Board reviewed its Reserves Policy during 2021 and agreed that Chime should seek to hold unrestricted reserves equating to approximately ten weeks of operating costs based on a review of other charities in the sector in addition to cashflow scenario testing. Chime’s unrestricted reserves at the end of the year were €1,442,037 which equated to twelve weeks of operating costs. The Finance Audit and Governance Committee has considered this reserves level and has agreed that it is materially in line with Chime’s policy.