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Day Service

Our Deaf Adult Day Service is a supportive, specialist day programme designed to assist people with additional or complex needs.

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Deaf Specialist Day Services

Our Day Services provide you with a place to meet, be accepted, and work with us to achieve your own personal goals.


We aim to foster autonomy, personal growth, development, and provide opportunities for meaningful social, educational, vocational and leisure activities.


How much you decide to participate in our Day Service depends on what you want and need. We will work with you to support you to identify and work towards realistic SMART goals under the HSE’s New Directions Framework.

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Do you think you or someone you might benefit from our Day Service and wonder if you are eligible? We work with adults who 


  • are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  • are over 18
  • may have cognitive, physical, sensory, or behavioural issues.  
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If you or someone you know is Deaf or Hard of Hearing, is over 18 and has additional needs, then contact us to find out more about our Day Service.