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EduTech is technology which has been designed to empower your Deaf and Hard of Hearing Child to reach their full potential.



As a parent of a child who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing, you may be anxious about how they can get the most from their education. Chime provides support for children in preschool, school and college through a range of assistive technologies that has been designed specifically for learning environments.

You can rest assured that with Chime, your child is getting the assistance they need. We work closely with the Department of Education and Skills, the Visiting Teacher Service and the HSE to provide EduTech support, with Personal and Soundfield Systems.  Our expert team can install these systems in educational settings to improve access to the teacher or lecturer’s voice, helping students to learn and communicate better.

You can find out more about EduTech by downloading this brochure.

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EduTech systems are designed to improve the signal to noise ratio, which means that it improves access to the teacher’s voice over and above the surrounding background classroom noise. This makes it easier for the student to hear what the teacher is saying, allowing them to concentrate more on learning and understanding. These systems have  many benefits.

  • Aids in the students’ understanding
  • Helps the teacher to instruct and manage the class
  • Reduces background noise for clearer communication
  • It is an easy-to-use system that benefits both hearing and Hard of Hearing students
  • Reduces voice strain for teachers.
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While you might think that EduTech seems a little daunting, we are always here to offer help and support, including:

  • A free trial
  • A repair, refit, service
  • A replacement loan service is included on some products
  • Full email and phone support
  • One-to-one demonstration on how to use the products.

Closing the Gap

Schools nationwide are facing challenges in waiting for technology grants. That's why we are supplying equipment free of charge until grants arrive.

We believe that every student deserves access to education free of all barriers.

Get in touch for more information.

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Our products

  • Phonak Digimaster microphone and speaker systems use technology, changing frequencies automatically to avoid interference with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. They will enhance the clarity of the speaker's voice, making sure speech is loud and clear. These systems are used in creches, primary schools, and even nursing homes.

  • Roger on V2 is the newest Microphone technology that fits in your hand. Very easy to use and move around from room to room giving you control and independence.

    • Placed on a table and control who you listen too
    • Clipped onto shirt or around the neck with a teacher or lecture
    • Placed in the stand and point where you want to listen
    • Plug in your computer or phone and make calls.
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  • EduTech, or education technology, is the term for assistive technology devices and systems designed to facilitate and enhance learning for Hard of Hearing children and children with hearing loss.

  • Digi Master amplification systems are devices that amplify and enhance the clarity of the speaker's voice in the room so that it's heard more easily over background noise. Digi Master systems can benefit everyone in the room, especially your child.

  • Chime provides support with EduTech devices and systems for homes, schools, colleges and training centre all over Ireland.  We will give information and help to understand what works best for you, the student, or your child's needs. Whether it’s Personal Communication, a microphone device, or Digi Master Systems.

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