Fiona Hope at an outreach clinic
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Community Outreach Programme

If you are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and our Resource Centres are not close by, you are welcome to visit one of our Community Outreach clinics.

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Reach out

If you or someone you know is Deaf or Hard of Hearing, if you have questions about  tinnitus or hearing loss then our Community Outreach clinics are here for you.

We offer free and confidential support and advice and we accept appointments in over 30 nationwide locations every month. If you don’t live within commuting distance of one of our twelve Chime Resource Centres, you can book an appointment at your nearest Community Outreach Clinic. Find a clinic here.


We can help

  • Advice on hearing loss
  • Minor hearing aid repairs and batteries
  • Advice on hearing aids and assistive technology for home, schools and workplaces
  • Support for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people.
  • Access to social groups for Deaf or Hard of Hearing people
  • Support for people living with tinnitus
  • Information on government entitlements