Your support means the world to us! Through fundraising, you stand with Chime, and you're not just supporting us – you're making a real impact in Deaf and Hard of Hearing people's lives.

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Your support, real impact

Your support means the world to us! We make sure every euro we get goes where it can do the most good for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in Ireland. 

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A real difference

Children & Family Services

Your generous donations play a vital role in funding essential children and family services, ensuring a positive impact on the young lives of those we work with.  Find out more about our Children & Family supports here

Children  (1)Tinnitus Services

We offer free frontline tinnitus supports where our dedicated Tinnitus Advisors provide critical support to those most effected. Find out more here.



We advocate and campaign to influence national health policy for the better, including the creation of a National Hearing Loss Health Plan.  We also work in areas such as education outcomes and the rights and entitlements to support Deaf people to fully access necessary services and supports. Find out more about our advocacy here.


_Organise your own

Fundraising event

Whether you want to go it alone or do something with your family, friends, or work, you’ll find lots of fundraising inspiration.

There are so many ways you can show your support for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people who need a little extra support and make a big difference in somebody’s life!  Contact us today and find out how we can support your fundraising efforts.


Fundraising Ideas

Supporting Chime has never been so important. If you're considering organising your own event, draw inspiration from the incredible things people have done in the past to support Chime and make a lasting difference.