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Hard of Hearing

Are you concerned about your hearing? Chime is here to support you, we can help you understand what’s happening and figure out what’s next.

_Helping you to understand

Your hearing loss

Are you worried about your hearing? Have you noticed a deterioration? Are you missing parts of conversations? Chime is here to support you. We understand that you are an individual with individual needs and concerns, and we have a range of services designed to help you to manage your hearing loss. From information and advice to assistive technology, personal supports and hearing aid experts, we have a solution to suit you and your lifestyle.


Personal support

If you have noticed a deterioration in your hearing or you have been diagnosed with hearing loss, you may find that some day-to-day activities have become more challenging. Chime are here to help with solutions and support that offer practical assistance.

  • LifeTech provides products like TV listening devices, amplified telephones and smartphones, as well as personal listening devices that can make a big difference to your daily routine.


  • Make new friends, and share stories and experiences, at one of our Social groups


  • If our Resource Centres are not close by, you are welcome to visit one of our Community Outreach clinics.

  • Chime host a range informative seminars and supportive workshops designed to help you in managing your hearing loss in day-to-day life

    Visit our Events page.


  • From your first hearing test, through assessment, product selection and longer term maintenance, our dedicated team of qualified professionals will be with you every step of the way.  Find out more about our hearing aid service today.

  • If you are Hard of Hearing, you may qualify for grants for hearing aids and workplace technology. Contact us or find our more here.

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Medical Card holders

If you are a medical card holder you are entitled to free audiology services through the HSE. But Chime can also offer you extra supports and advice, so even if you don’t come to us for hearing aids, you can always come to our events, activities, outreach clinics and social groups.

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Hearing aid technology

The right hearing aid can transform your life, opening up a world of communication. While hearing aids may seem a little complicated at first, Chime’s team of experienced audiologists are here to help you to find the right hearing aid and to advise you on how to keep it in tip top shape.

At your hearing assessment our fully qualified audiology team will chat to you about any issues you have been having.  They will then be able to discuss possible solutions, explore hearing aid options and work with you to create a hearing loss management plan.

_Meet new people

Get connected

Chime’s social groups are a great way to meet people who are on the same path as you, share stories and experiences and feel inspired and empowered. Find out more about our Hard of Hearing social group here.

_Ways to improve


Do you have a friend who has recently been diagnosed with hearing loss? Maybe you have a family member who is Deaf, or you work with someone who is Hard of Hearing. Sometimes you can come across some bumps in the road when it comes to communication. But Chime is here to help.

Supported by funding from the Community Project of Ireland, Chime has worked with our Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients to put together a collection of communication hints and tips to help you communicate better with Deaf or Hard of Hearing friends. Below you’ll find a series of short videos that will help to make every conversation clearer.