Young adults and teenagers

Are you a Deaf or Hard of Hearing teenager or young adult? Are you, like many teenagers, struggling to find your identity and your place in life?


Young adults and teenagers

Chime is here to help, we offer a number of services and supports designed especially for you. 


Explore Mentoring Programme

As a Deaf or Hard of Hearing young person leaving school and heading off to college, vocational training or work can be a bit scary. The Explore mentoring programme is here to support you in that transition, providing mentor-based support for people aged between 16-25.

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Summer Camps

If you are a Deaf or Hard of Hearing teenager or young adult you are invited to come and take part in our action-packed summer camps. We  run two camps, BreakAway Camp for young adults (aged 18-25) and Adventure Camp for teenagers (aged 13-17). 

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How we can help

Check out our range of services designed to support you in this stage of your life.

  • Meet old friends and find some new ones at our action packed summer camps.


  • A comprehensive mentoring programme designed to help Deaf and Hard of Hearing young adults transition from school to further education or out into the workplace.

    Visit the Explore page.


  • Visit Chime to find out more about your rights and entitlements, including college grant options.


  • Assistive technology to make day-to-day life easier

    See more about LifeTech here.

  • Learning technology designed to improve your school or college environment. 

    See more about EduTech here.