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Are you an employer who works with Deaf or Hard of Hearing people? You can find out more about the barriers facing your employees and the best ways to overcome them at our Workplace Deaf Awareness training.

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Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees

Do you work with Deaf or Hard of Hearing employees? Is your workplace a welcoming space for every member of your team? As the national charity for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people, Chime advocates for greater accessibility in the workplace to create better understanding, increase communication and break down barriers. We work directly with services and businesses to help make their environments more inclusive.

Our Deaf Awareness Training (DAT) service can be designed specifically for your business and tailored to your employees and their needs. Government grants are available to offset up to 90% of the cost of our DAT service, which covers positive methods of communication, assistive technologies and how they can help, getting access to Irish Sign Language (ISL) interpreters, and lots of other helpful topics. We are happy to say that in 2024 Deaf people will also be able to avail of communication support in ISL in the workplace for the first time, through the Voucher Scheme. 

We can also help to make sure that your premises are accessible to clients and employees who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. A qualified Chime expert can carry out an assessment of your building, identifying areas that can be improved, from using text or email options rather than phone calls, to installing loop systems where possible. We can also advise on suitable technology for your workplace (i.e. adapted smoke alarms, door bells, phones and amplifying devices). There are grants available to make your workplace more accessible for your Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees and Chime will be happy to discuss these with you.

To find out how you can better support your Deaf or Hard of Hearing employees and clients, contact Chime today and chat to us about our DAT services.

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Workplace grant schemes for LifeTech

LifeTech is assistive technology that can help Deaf or Hard of Hearing people in the workplace. Devices such as flashing doorbells and adapted fire alarms can not only increase independence for your employees, they can also enhance their safety. Amplified telephones, smartphones and personal listening devices are just some of the equipment options that can help to open up communication methods across the entire team.

Grant schemes are available and may help you to offset the cost of certain equipment in the workplace.

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Explore Mentor programme

Chime supports Deaf or Hard of Hearing people in pursuing their career goals, we encourage inclusivity in every workplace. 

Chime’s Explore Mentoring programme has been designed to help young Deaf or Hard of Hearing people as they transition into the workplace. We are always on the lookout for employers, like you, willing to offer work experience for our clients. If you’d like to get involved with Explore through recruitment or work experience, simply contact our team.

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