{furtherUnderstanding Hearing Loss

Understanding Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a very common health condition in adults, but it is often unrecognised and untreated. As we get older, many of us can develop a hearing loss. This brochure explains hearing loss, its effects and available solutions.

{furtherChildhood Hearing Loss

Childhood Hearing Loss

This booklet aims to provide families with information about childhoood hearing loss. It explains about audiograms, hearing aids and cochlear implants, and provides information about different communication approaches.

{furtherHearing Aid Technology

Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aid technology has changed dramatically. Tiny digital processors are predominantly used as the brains of digital hearing aids - responsible for sorting, processing and even prioritising sounds from the environment to your ear.

{furtherTechnology - LifeTech | EduTech

Technology - LifeTech | EduTech

LifeTech and EduTech are specialist technology services to help you live independently and safely. Vital equipment for the home, college and workplace to enable you to overcome any barriers that you might face, in everyday living.

{furtherWhat is Tinnitus?

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a condition whereby people experience sounds which do not have an external origin. It has multiple causes. Exposure to loud noise is a common one; it can also be associated with ageing, head or ear surgery or certain drugs.



Chime provides services for Hearing Loss, Families with a Newly Diagnosed Child, the Deaf Community, Teenagers, Tinnitus, Hearing Aid Technology, LifeTech, EduTech, Employers and Organisations, and Health Professionals.

{furtherResearch Report - Pupils

Research Report - Pupils

Co-funded by Chime, Dr. Elizabeth S. Mathews and Dr. Margaret O’Donnell have launched a research report that examines reading among deaf and hard of hearing pupils in Ireland. This is the first large study on this in Ireland since the early 90s.

{furtherNewly Diagnosed Weekend

Newly Diagnosed Weekend

Parents may have questions about hearing loss, audiology, communication and their child's development. The bi-annual Newly Diagnosed Weekend is often the first time parents are able to get information on these topics from leading experts.


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